What is Black Hole Transmissions?

Big Sky Limited is an independent entertainment company launched in December 2018 by Dave Denis and Andrew Kidman, and edited by Dave Parmenter.

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— Dave & Andrew


"What is Big Sky Limited?"

I could answer that question in so many ways because Big Sky is so many things. I don't want to put my finger on what it is and have to try and explain it to people. I just want to have fun with the people who are involved and watch their journeys and what they create as they move through their lives. Why do we always have to explain what something is? Which brings me back to song. If I thought about it long enough, I could tell you precisely what the air and space was like for every song I've written. I could tell you the colour of the shirt I was wearing. But I could never explain to you why I started thinking the way I did, why I started singing the way I did and why the guitar sounded different to how I'd ever played it before. When life is happening like this it feels perfect. It is like suddenly being lost in the moment on a wave, and not a wave you went after, but a wave you never saw coming. It's impossible to hold onto a moment like this, but if you're lucky enough to recognise it unfolding and revel in it and take it into your being and know that it's possible for it to happen again in the future, well, that is as close as I could ever come to explaining why I do what I do in life and what Big Sky could be.

— Andrew Kidman

fiery sunset viewed from within an enormous dark wave resembling a man's face
Kirra. Photo by Andrew Kidman